When you have too much sauce and want to use it up before it expires

angel hair pasta with chicken

angel hair pasta with chicken

There was this bottle of teriyaki sauce that my mother bought and used when cooking salmon. I also noticed that the sauce will expire before it was finished. When I get to use the kitchen without my mum nagging by my side (you would think that after four years living on my own without burning the kitchen down, my mother would trust me with knives and fire), I tend to scour whatever available food and sauce I have in the fridge and use it up before it expires.

This time, I noticed the bottle of Japanese sauce, meant to use with pork, sitting alone at the top shelf of the fridge. I reached out and looked at the expiry date and… there was only a month left before expiration and the bottle is still half filled! Not only that, I remembered buying mirin (Japanese sweet wine) that I used when I made Oden. At that moment, I decided to use the sauce (たれソース) and mirin (ミリン)as much as possible and that’s how I end up with my angel hair pasta with chicken.

Here are the steps:

  1. Boil water in a pot, make sure that the pot is big enough for the pasta to breath
  2. Chopped the garlic; and shallot if you want
  3. Chopped the coriander
  4. Sliced the chicken
  5. Check if the water has boiled yet, if not continue on with the cooking (If you hang your laundry in the kitchen, REMEMBER to take it out! Or your clothes will smell like garlic.)
  6. Heat the pan and put in the garlic and oil. Let it simmer for a while
  7. Put in chicken (check if water is boiling, and if it is, place pasta in and remember to set the timer!)
  8. Pour the sauce, mirin, and I added BBQ seasoning as well but this is optional, into the pan and add some water so that it’s not too thick and not too salty
  9. Once all is cooked, drain the pasta and transfer it into the pan
  10. Add the coriander and mixed everything up
  11. Plate the pasta

And your dish is done!


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