Monthly Archives: August 2015

When you have a few cherry tomatoes and a little Parmesan left… Crochetta!

I’m not sure if any of you out there comes across this situation, but I tend to have leftover grated cheese that’s not enough to be used in my dishes and yet, quite a substantial amount is left that I do not want to waste it. While thinking what I should do with the packet of cheese in my hand, I opened the fridge and stared at the 3 cherry tomatoes in its container. I thought to myself, what can I make with cheese and tomatoes… And as I was wondering, I remembered that I have a plain croissant. Continue reading


What to do with leftover breast meat…

I like chicken, but like most people in my country, I like dark meat more. Which means, whenever I cook chicken soup, the breast meat will be left behind, untouched and uneaten. Yet, I hate wasting food, so I kept the meat in the fridge, day after day, hoping that one day I will heat it up and eat it. Eventually, I kept it too long that even though it looks safe, smell fine, I was reluctant to risk myself getting a food poisoning. Continue reading