What to do with leftover breast meat…

I like chicken, but like most people in my country, I like dark meat more. Which means, whenever I cook chicken soup, the breast meat will be left behind, untouched and uneaten. Yet, I hate wasting food, so I kept the meat in the fridge, day after day, hoping that one day I will heat it up and eat it. Eventually, I kept it too long that even though it looks safe, smell fine, I was reluctant to risk myself getting a food poisoning.

The next time I cooked chicken soup, the same thing happened. But I was determined to get rid of it. And what other way then matching it with noddles! This time, I chose soumen as my main and I get… Breast Chicken Soumen.

breast chicken soumen angelhair pasta fusion

breast chicken soumen

I shredded the breast meat, mixed a tiny bit of black soya sauce, soya sauce, chopped some carrot, black fungus and mixed it all up in the pan. To top it off, I julian some spring onion, pick some mint and placed it on the top, and I have a very asian meal with soumen!

Taste wise, mum was satisfied.

Do take note that when you cook soumen you need to rinse the noodles under cold water. On how to cook the noodles and the typical steps I take to prepare my dish, please refer to the How To… at the top of the page!


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