About me!

I started cooking when I was living abroad, studying for my undergrad degree and was sick of eating take away. They are oily, filled with high content salt and other ingredients that I have no idea what is added into the dish. That is when I started exploring cooking with the use of spices. Spices do not only spice your life up, it definitely gives a tingle to your taste bud that will request for more.

This blog is a record of the spices I experimented with, ingredients that I cooked with and basically an online record of what I have cooked and what should be done correctly for the next round of cooking. And being the modern working woman out there, I’m a lazy cook that tries to finish cooking my dish within an hour.

I hope this blog will give you some insight to cooking and maybe inspire you to start puttering around the kitchen as well!

P.S For my friends that have been asking about my recipe, here it is. Enjoy!


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