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No time and wanting to bring a healthy packed lunch

There are days that I am just too tired to bother with cooking for my lunchbox, but I do not want to break the habit of not bringing home cooked dish. This is when having a can or sardines is very useful.

With some left over rice, I sprinkled some roasted sesame, what the Japanese loved to call furikake. And I sliced some mini tomatoes, added some arugula, alfafa, placed it prettily in my container, and I have a healthy deliciously colored packed lunch.

IMG_2782.jpg(Picture taken in the office)

P.S. I was on a low-carbs diet.


When you have a few cherry tomatoes and a little Parmesan left… Crochetta!

I’m not sure if any of you out there comes across this situation, but I tend to have leftover grated cheese that’s not enough to be used in my dishes and yet, quite a substantial amount is left that I do not want to waste it. While thinking what I should do with the packet of cheese in my hand, I opened the fridge and stared at the 3 cherry tomatoes in its container. I thought to myself, what can I make with cheese and tomatoes… And as I was wondering, I remembered that I have a plain croissant. Continue reading

What to do with leftover breast meat…

I like chicken, but like most people in my country, I like dark meat more. Which means, whenever I cook chicken soup, the breast meat will be left behind, untouched and uneaten. Yet, I hate wasting food, so I kept the meat in the fridge, day after day, hoping that one day I will heat it up and eat it. Eventually, I kept it too long that even though it looks safe, smell fine, I was reluctant to risk myself getting a food poisoning. Continue reading

When you have too much sauce and want to use it up before it expires

angel hair pasta with chicken

angel hair pasta with chicken

There was this bottle of teriyaki sauce that my mother bought and used when cooking salmon. I also noticed that the sauce will expire before it was finished. When I get to use the kitchen without my mum nagging by my side (you would think that after four years living on my own without burning the kitchen down, my mother would trust me with knives and fire), I tend to scour whatever available food and sauce I have in the fridge and use it up before it expires.

This time, I noticed the bottle of Japanese sauce, Continue reading

What to do with leftover food?

angelhair pasta fusion

Opening the fridge, I saw the duck rice sauce sitting in its carrier, the Malay styled chicken in its plastic bag and the ikan bilis (anchovies) in another bag, I decided that I want to used it all. But, how to use the duck rice sauce? I did not like drizzling the sauce onto my rice. In that moment, I decided to utilize the duck rice sauce as the base of my angel hair pasta. I added pork to the dish as well because I had thawed the meat for far too long, leaving it in the cooler, and I did not want it to go bad.

I then decided that having such a brown and dull color as a meal was boring. So I dig out any sort of colored vegetable that I had in the fridge and voila! Carrot and spring onion was added to the dish.

Angel hair pasta asian fusion~

Taste wise, there’s a crunch once in a while from the ikan bilis, softness from the pork and chewiness from the chicken. Mum had no complains.