How to…

Cook various types of noodles

  1. Soumen
    • cooked for about 3 to 4 minutes in boiling water
    • always rinse it with cold water
  2. Angel hair pasta
    • cooked for about 3 to 4 minutes in boiling water (also depends on how soft you want the pasta to be)
      • If the sauce is not done, switch the fire off and I let it sit in the water until I’m ready to transfer to the sauce I’m making.
    • Use salt depending on how flavorful the sauce is. If there’s abundance of sauce, I don’t use salt. If it’s the dry kind, use a dash of salt
  3. Soba
    • cooked for about 7 minutes
    • rinse with cold water

Cook as efficiently as possible

These are the steps that I always follow when cooking pasta, soumen or soba

  1. Always start boiling the water because it takes aeons for it to boil in a pot.
    • depending on the preparation to be done, you can adjust the fire accordingly to either make the water boil faster or slower
  2. Start chopping garlic, shallot and any other sort of vegetables first
    • or you will end up washing the knife over and over again if you start with the meat
    • remember to take away your laundry if you hang them in the kitchen like I do! The smell of garlic on clothes is not appetizing at all
  3. Start cutting your meat
  4. Heat the pan and placed garlic and shallot in. Let it simmer
  5. Put in the meat and mix all up
    • At this point, please check if the water is boiling.
    • Put the noodle in and remember to set the timer!
  6. Put in the sauce, add more oil or whatever seasoning you want to use
  7. Cook it more until the noodles are done. Drain the water from the pot and transfer your choice of noodle into the pan.
    • If you’re cooking Soumen and Soba, remember to rinse it with water or your noodles will turn out sticky!
    • If you’re cooking pasta and it is done before your base, let it sit in the water but remember to turn off the fire.
  8. Mix everything up and plate it

…And your dish is done!


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