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What to do with leftover breast meat…

I like chicken, but like most people in my country, I like dark meat more. Which means, whenever I cook chicken soup, the breast meat will be left behind, untouched and uneaten. Yet, I hate wasting food, so I kept the meat in the fridge, day after day, hoping that one day I will heat it up and eat it. Eventually, I kept it too long that even though it looks safe, smell fine, I was reluctant to risk myself getting a food poisoning. Continue reading


When you have too much sauce and want to use it up before it expires

angel hair pasta with chicken

angel hair pasta with chicken

There was this bottle of teriyaki sauce that my mother bought and used when cooking salmon. I also noticed that the sauce will expire before it was finished. When I get to use the kitchen without my mum nagging by my side (you would think that after four years living on my own without burning the kitchen down, my mother would trust me with knives and fire), I tend to scour whatever available food and sauce I have in the fridge and use it up before it expires.

This time, I noticed the bottle of Japanese sauce, Continue reading