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What to do with leftover food?

angelhair pasta fusion

Opening the fridge, I saw the duck rice sauce sitting in its carrier, the Malay styled chicken in its plastic bag and the ikan bilis (anchovies) in another bag, I decided that I want to used it all. But, how to use the duck rice sauce? I did not like drizzling the sauce onto my rice. In that moment, I decided to utilize the duck rice sauce as the base of my angel hair pasta. I added pork to the dish as well because I had thawed the meat for far too long, leaving it in the cooler, and I did not want it to go bad.

I then decided that having such a brown and dull color as a meal was boring. So I dig out any sort of colored vegetable that I had in the fridge and voila! Carrot and spring onion was added to the dish.

Angel hair pasta asian fusion~

Taste wise, there’s a crunch once in a while from the ikan bilis, softness from the pork and chewiness from the chicken. Mum had no complains.